Green Topcat
Green Environment for Now and the Future
  • Green Topcat represents a better guide of design and implementation on works with careful consideration of influence on environment, we have 4-R basic principles: Reduce, Reuse, Replace and Recycle.
  • We believe Greening plays an important role to environment, it can beautify our environment, save energy, minimize carbon dioxide, improve urban living conditions and enhance quality of living.
Guidelines on Computer Management
  • Use energy-saving CPU
  • Use energy-saving SSD
  • Use LED monitor and choose appropriate screen brightness
  • Enable power management with sleep mode and hibernation
  • Screen savers do not save energy, off monitor when timeout
  • Avoid unnecessary internet access
  • Avoid to use high power display controller for general office purpose
  • Enable auto-energy saver for printers
  • Don't travel unless you really have to, please use phone, email and remote services instead.
  • Don't be too cold at server room, try to keep at 25°C
Guidelines on Office Environment
  • Keep office temperature at 26°C, energy-saved and comfort
  • Switch off the lights when not in use
  • Ensure all electronics equipment are switched off before end of a working day
  • Use 7 days timer power-switch for fan and water dispenser
  • Buy green stationery such as mechanical pencils, refillable ball pens
  • Casual wear is recommended for normal working days unless special events
We wish your dreams come true! We wish the world can be changed and become a better place for all.